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Strength & Muscle Gain

We all want to look good, but strength and size gains encompasses much more. Strength gains impacts a broad spectrum of athletic and daily performance traits including endurance, coordination, stamina and balance. For teenage athletes or grandparents strength training delivers outsized gains for athletic performance and wellbeing.

Three to five hours a week training supported by smart nutrition will rapidly move your body closer to its genetic potential and the strongest, best looking you. At CrossFit Village, we have added countless pounds of lean muscle to our members. Because we train toward our body’s tendencies and design, it’s common for new members to report their clothes fitting better while their scale weight goes up slightly during just the first few weeks of training.

Our workouts regularly include challenging multi joint functional movements. Moving heavy skeletal loads increases the production of the hormones that keep us young, build strong bones and strengthens connective tissues. This makes strength training vital for men and women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond, and not give up on feeling vigorous and capable.We train to get stronger in a highly organized and thoughtful way, using systems and protocols to ensure the best results in the safest conditions.

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