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Programming Update : The Open!


Programming Update : The Open!

The Open is coming! With that, we as a coaching staff wanted to update you all about what to expect over the 5 weeks of the CrossFit Games Open. We’re going to touch a little on the actual open, and then also on what the daily workouts will look like outside of Fridays.

As you all know, each Friday we will have the gym performing the week’s Open workout. These workouts tend to be…ummmm…evil. They are often strategically set-up to make your lungs ache or get increasingly more difficult as you get further into the workout (by increasing weights or the skill required). But that’s okay! It’s just another workout that we will scale and modify as needed so that everyone has a good time.

Based on previous years, it’s semi-safe to expect at least one of the following: an “AMRAP”, a “For Time”, and a workout where “you have a certain amount of work to finish before a given time point, and if you make it, you earn more time, and more work”. Luckily (or with this directly in mind, your choice), we’ve been doing these exact things for the past few months!

With Friday nights in mind, the only day where regular gym workouts will look different is Thursday. No matter your usual level of competitiveness, having the crowd around on Friday night seems to turn up the intensity (yes, all the way to 11). That said, Thursdays will likely include some light skill work to practice positions, and then some lower intensity movements leaving us feeling fresh and ready to go on Friday. Think handstand practice, then rowing and planks, or maybe some carries (but not that 15 minutes of carrying workout; that was awful).

If you all have questions about the Open workouts or our plans for those 5 weeks just ask your other coaches or reach out to me!

-Coach Brandon

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