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Why CrossFit Village Berwyn?

Our Story

CrossFit Village Berwyn is building a community of healthy and fit people in Berwyn and the surrounding Main Line communities. We offer a variety of classes designed to help you achieve results within a community of like-minded people who you will soon call friends.

CrossFit Village in Berwyn provides personal attention to your needs every time you step into a class. When you work out with the CrossFit Village Berwyn community, you will find you push yourself harder, take on new fitness challenges and achieve goals you never would have thought possible. CrossFit Village Berwyn provides all of the benefits of having a personal trainer and so much more, all designed to create the healthiest, happiest YOU possible.

CrossFit Village Berwyn was co-founded by Brian and Eileen Provost in 2013 to bring CrossFit to the upper Main Line communities. In 2017, Brian and Eileen decided to retire and move to North Carolina and Dr. Andrew Fetterman took over.

Dr. Andy has over 20 years experience in the health care industry. He started his career at West Chester University, PA where he studied Kinesiology and worked as a Personal Trainer and as an Assistant Strength Coach for the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League (NHL). After attaining his Bachelors, he went on to Palmer College of Chiropractic-Florida to pursue his Doctorate. He returned to Pennsylvania and founded Creative Health and Spine in 2008 in Berwyn, PA. At CHS, he and his team focus on treating the entire family using Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, and Rehabilitative therapies. Dr. Andy has been an avid athlete and in his career a former collegiate and semi-professional baseball player, competitive tennis player, weight lifter, as well as a CrossFitter.

Our staff has a combined 40 years of coaching and competing in multiple sports including CrossFit.


Our Philosophy

Our philosphy at CrossFit Village Berwyn is to safely increase the fitness levels of our members using CrossFit techniques. Where we differ from many other CrossFit gyms is our intense focus on teaching our members how to perform the exercises safely and then closely monitoring everyones performance during every workout. We adhere to a set of principles that we do not waiver on:

  • Any member who wants to attend classes on weight lifting days (Monday/Wednesday/Friday) must complete On-Ramp program. Our on-ramp program provides structured small group learning in a non-competitive atmosphere so new members can safely learn complex movements and olympic lifting techniques. Mobility assessments are also be performed at the start of on-ramp to identify mobility / flexibility issues and we provide suggestions for increasing range of motion.
  • Every workout starts with a coach led warm up that focuses on ensuring our members are warmed up appropriately for the exercises that will be performed that day. We believe warming up is absolutely critical and we will never, ever ask you to “warm yourself up”.
  • Prior to the start of every single WOD we provide a detailed review of all of the exercises that will be performed that day and we require our members to do warm up reps to ensure up front the movement patterns are correct. This happens whether the exercise is a simple sit-up or the most complex olympic lift.
    We do not rely on our members to modify their own workouts. We know our members….we know about flexbility/mobility issues, we know about injuries and we understand our members current fitness level and athletic abilities and we provide appropriate modifications prior to the start of the WOD. We also monitor everyones performance during the WOD and will insist on modifications if a member is struggling to complete a movement or if their form is breaking down.
  • We provide constant feedback during workouts regarding form. The feedback ranges from Coaches providing cues to “tweak” a movement for better performance to telling a member to “STOP” if their movement patterns need significant adjustment.

Our Leadership

CrossFit Village was founded on the principles of providing a supportive community where all are welcome to improve their fitness while having fun doing it. We train everyone from ages 8 to 80. Our training is based on constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity in a safe environment. Fitness should not be a job or boring. We love what we do and we love sharing with our athletes!

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