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Hey there Village Berwynites,

Just wanted to give you a brief update about what’s happening with the programming. As you may (or may not have noticed), we’ve been working in a few longer metcons. Some of those have been our “oh so fun” Tuesday workouts, but some have fallen on other days.

The intent is to transfer the longer warm-ups from the last few months into these metcons. You should all feel comfortable with what pace you can easily keep for 12-15 minutes, so now it’s time to move the intensity to a higher setting.

The goal isn’t to burn our in a blaze of glory come minute 3 (you know if I’m talking to you…), but instead try and understand what pace you can maintain. Start out a little slower than you think you should, then work to stay at that pace or faster.

Understanding your own pacing will help in these longer workouts, but also help you when deciding if it’s time to go for it.

As always, feel free to reach out to your coaching staff if you have any questions!


Metcon (Time)

Complete the following with a partner:

50 Burpee DB Snatches

50 Burpee Pull-ups

50 Burpee Box Jump Overs

50 Burpee DB Squat Cleans

50 Burpee Toes-to-bar

Cap is 30 minutes.

Rx: 50/35#, 24/20″

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