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Hey Villagers! We’ve been spending a lot of time upside down the past couple months, but this month we are switching over to work on pistols and toes-to-bar. Keep up the good work!

QOTD (Question Of The Day!)

If you were a teacher, what would you teach?


Take 15 minutes to perform 4 sets of each exercise

Box Step Ups (4 sets x 8 reps per leg)

Perform 8 consecutive step ups per leg, but have the step down be as slow and controlled as possible. Add weight only if your downs all take longer than 5 seconds.

Strict Toes-to-Bar (4 sets x 8 reps)

Try to control the down so you don’t have any swing. Slow knees-to-chest if you need to scale.


Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds for time:

20 Pull-ups*

20 Push-ups

20 Step-back lunges

20 KB Swings

Rx: 24/16 kg

Scaled: Ring rows, 20/12 kg

* If you have less than 10 UB pull-ups scale to 10 pull-ups per round

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